Heeey heey (: Herzlich willkommen at my h0mepage =) ViiiieL spaß beiM lesen meiner Texte & angucken der piqs ;> hehe ... Liiiieb euuch <3

s0mething about me <3


My name is Ann-Sophie.Y0u can call me Sophie.I don't like it , when you call me Ann-Sophie.I am 13 years old and I live in Germany.I go to the grammar school Alexander-von-Humboldt and I am in class 7.I repeat this class..I was born in Hamburg and i lived there 4 one year.Then I moved to Reher,it's a littLe village near Itzehoe.After 6-7 years , I moved to Neumünster, where I still live.I don't like this Citty.I think that Neumünster is unsocial!When I am 18 years old , I will move to Kiel.I love this citty.And I love THW-Kiel,too!THW-Kiel is a handballteam.I love Kim Anderrsson and Domink Klein exceptionally.
Yes, so I am!And when you have got s0me questions , ask me

Love S0phie <3


29.10.06 23:38

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